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Elevate your crop strategy with our top-performing hybrid tomato varieties, now available under the Rugose Defense label.


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Denomination of Pe: 20, A New Race of Downy Mildew in Spinach
A new race of the downy mildew pathogen (Peronospora effusa) on spinach has been denominated by the International Working Group on Peronospora in spinach (IWGP), based on a worldwide evaluation of isolates from growers' fields and trap nurseries. This was a strong candidate for nomination due to its significant threat to the spinach industry.
Relationships are the key to success for Austrian family business Achleitner
With organic production accounting for 25% of all farming in Austria, the country currently leads the way in Europe. Biohof Achleitner, based in the Austrian town of Eferding, is one example of a family business that has been successfully supplying consumers with organic fruits and vegetables for more than 30 years. The keys ingredients in its success? A fair and sustainable approach to growing with minimal waste, close relationships with customers, employees and other organic growers, and home deliveries.
Denomination of new official downy mildew races in lettuce
On 1 July, the European committee of the International Bremia Evaluation Board (IBEB-EU) published three widely occurring new variants of downy mildew in lettuce: Bl:38EU, Bl:39EU and Bl:40EU. A considerable number of vegetable breeding company Rijk Zwaan’s current lettuce varieties are resistant to these three new races.
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